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Counter Strike Full version 1.6 and 1.7 for android free download

 Description: -
                Counter Strike transportable is a non authentic new edition for this game which you have played in many instances. Now, you'll have it in your Android, and it'll provide you with lots of marvel. To start with, Counter Strike portable peaces are from the satisfactory, because this utility uses all capability from Android gadgets. Furthermore, it has a number of servers that players can connect despite play with all gamers round the world. Every of the on line server, there are thousands of participant, so you can play in this version during hours and hours.

To play with Counter Strike transportable you most effective need to installation documents play for your cellular cell phone reminiscence and get admission to in it from your phone. Understand that you must    mark inside the container, for your tool, permit down load from unknown gadgets and this game can download and you execute it. Virus Free
Features: -
1 Smooth and responsive adjustable touch controls
2 Build and transfer your own maps with Unity 3D
3 All well known Game Types (Classic, zombie survival, Team Death Match, ect.)
4 Customizable server settings: Player HP, player speed, zombie trouble, modes: grid mode, night mode, space mode, ect.)
5 Cross-stage 3D Multi player FPS MMO amusement (Local/On-line) between web, iOS and Android!
6 Single player Option, player vs bots (Millions of players all around the world)

Click here for Download Counter strike 1.6      Download

Click here for Download Counter strike 1.7       Download


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